Augmented Reality platform is FRS flagship program where it will be creating an ecosystem based on Robotics, 3D Modelling, AR & VR systems exclusively for SCHOOL KIDS!
This platform is designed in the following format:

AR Modelling

This is a modelling platform where students will be creating 3D models and environment out of their own imagination using global tools.

AR Environment

A.R.E. will enable students to use lot of natural environments from FRS library and will also assist them in making their own custom environments for apps and desktop applications.

AR Projections

ARP is a simulation platform where student will be handling the final output of their projects including looks and textures. They will be able to simulate their models in the real world using smart devices.

AR Book

AR Book is company;s self developed product based on AR and VR systems. These books will act like object to devices and on scan will generate real 3D environment to give a feel to the users how actual nature work outside concrete laboratories. This is product is generally meant for students of playgroup to 12th

AR Lab

AR Lab is India's First Augmented Reality Lab concept where schools and colleges will be equipped with all the AR products of FRS. the lab will enable the students to model, view, generate and feel the theoretical concepts without going out in the real world

AR Holograms

AR - H will be world's first holographic image generator machine which will make 3D Holographic Projects on demand anywhere you go!