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FIZ Robotic Solutions is a robotic company comprising of expert trainers, innovators, researchers, National Robotic Champions of various domains. We have the ability to develop new projects dealing with mechatronics. We have taken pledge to spread awareness about existing and upcoming robotic technologies among the "Youth" through our PBL (Project Based Learning) and HOT (Hands On Training) initiatives.

About AR

Augmented Reality platform is FRS flagship program where it will be creating an ecosystem based on Robotics, 3D Modelling, AR & VR systems exclusively for SCHOOL KIDS!
This platform is designed in the following format:

FIRE Robotics Lab

FIZ Robotic Solutions has initiated a flagship school training program under FIRE Robotic Lab for the school students in the latest technological segment of aeromodelling, electronics, robotics, augmented reality and virtual reality by setting a FIRE Robotic lab in schools. The lab provides a full environment where students learn by hands-on training and also grow in another dimension by activity-based learning. The initiative to start this FIRE lab at school level education is taken to improve the technical knowledge of the young kids for better tomorrow.

Atal Tinkering Labs

Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) is Government of India’s flagship initiative to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. AIM’s objective is to develop new programmes and policies for fostering innovation in different sectors of the economy, provide platform and collaboration opportunities for different stakeholders, create awareness and create an umbrella structure to oversee innovation ecosystem of the country.

FRS Innovation Center

FRS Innovation center has introduced a new way of encouraging the youth in the field of technology . The FRS Innovation Centre allows college students to learn, innovate and design. Here students not only learn but also get a career opportunity to work as a team member in the company. The students who are enrolled in this center gets a industrial working culture and as a result, the students get market-ready.


Aryan Kaushik: Technex IIT BHU 2019 Winner

FIZ Robotic Solutions is truly a medium of providing exposure to a various number of new technologies being introduced day to day in today's world. In a world of today with people clearing concepts only by theories. FIZ Robotic Solutions plays an important role in increasing experience level of people with several things.

Sommay Kashyap: Technex IIT BHU 2019 Winner

Traning under FIRE lab of FIZ Robotic Solutions is a great experience. Under one year traning we learned how to be inovative and builded our own projects based on our designs. The trainers have a friendly approach and try to make us lears things in the best possible way. Since we have trained under such great faculty we'ev also won prises in national competitions like technex held at IIT BHU, in the first year itself. It is the most intresting thing to know that we are lined up with more intresting course modules comming ahead. We are observing positive changes in our selves and more importantly we are able to create and invent on our own basis and creativity.

Shaurya Singh

FIZ (Futuristic Indianz) Robotic Solutions came to our school and showed us various things like RC Hovercraft, RC Airplane named as a bluebird. They made us understand the basic concepts of basic robotics and let us know about many things in the robotic world. I felt like it was the most beautiful Day of my life. They make a study as they make us feel that we are their friends and without any restrictions, we can clear our doubts with the trainer. The fee is also very less compared to other schools. The company which teaches us does not believe in the plug and play formula, it believes in make and play formula. We have to make our hands dirty, that’s the motto of the company and to give knowledge of robotics to corner-corner of the country as we know, that in India most percent of the population is behind today’s technology.

Kajal Bansal

FIZ Robotic Solution is best and a interesting way to learn robotics. In fiz students are encouraged to think and do innovations . It also provides a lot of opportunities in the ways of taking students to different competition which gives students a great exposure. All the trainers are very supportive and help us to do our best and always keeps us updated about the latest technologies.

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Dr. D.K. Sinha

Principal, Jagran Public School
Chairman, Noida Private Schools and Children Welfare Association

We'd started the FIRE Robotics Lab in collaboration with FIZ Robotic Solutions from last year and it wasa huge success. It's pattern is accepted by the students and parents are happy about the on going activities. FIRE Robotics Lab is improvising technical skills & ability of the students and helping them to design their own circuits, robots and aircraft. It is promoting scientific temper, and is developing critical thinking ability of the students. The activities in lab are becoming very popular in junior and middle school students. The exposure of IIT BHU Techfest (Technex 18) was a great learning experience for the students. Kudos to the team of FIZ Robotic Solutions, keep developing innovation in education field.

Saryu Prasad Sharma

President, Miss Hill H.S. School, Gwalior

The services from FIZ Robotic Solutions are highly appreciable and commendable for the students of secondary school level. FRS is engaged in training the students in robotics technology from last one year in our Miss Hill Higher Secondary School and we found the training is very useful and due to that our students have won in robotics competition of Technex, IIT BHU wish all the success to FRS in their Future Endeavour.!


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